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Marma Therapy

Marma refers to the vital points present on our body. Activating them brings vitality and self-healing.

Active Life Style Through Infinit Life
Marma Therapy at Infinit Life

Infinit Active Marma Therapy




  • How is it performed?
    In this Therapy, the practitioner skillfully activates pressure points on the patient's clothed body through gentle touch and precise pressure.
  • What made it special?
    The necessity for quick results with little or no rest and medicine in a resource-constrained ancient battle camp resulted in a fast acting therapy, addressing the wear and tear of muscles, ligaments and joints in our bodies.
  • Can I undergo this therapy along with other treatments?
    Marma Therapy is a natural way to facilitate the healing process. It is a safe method that can be taken alongside other treatments.
  • What makes it unique?
    IAM-(Infinit Active Marma) Therapy, works by activating self healing through deep relaxation.
  • Is it safe for kids?
    The therapy doesn't involve exercises or physical adjustments and is safe for everyone, including children.
  • What is it origin?
    Marma Therapy practiced at Infinit Life (IAM Therapy) life has its origin in the therapeutic techniques used to treat battlefield injuries in ancient India.

Therapy doesn’t require special rest and could continue with your normal active lifestyle.

No Excercise / Stress

Active lifestyle friendly


Gentle & Relaxing

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